You have more strength than you realize. You have more strength than others realize. Since nobody has actually even walked an inch in someone else’s shoes, they cannot realize what strength another person actually has or why.

Yet, your inability to truly accept your own strength and your own potential can be one of the main obstacles getting in the way of your success. Don't ever succumb to feelings of insecurity by comparing yourself to anyone else. We all have different strengths and different weaknesses. You are a unique individual with unique capabilities, which makes it crucial for you to become more self-aware.

Fortunately, managing your belief system can have a positive impact on everyone around you. As you begin to change your perceptions about yourself and realize that people are unique individuals, you grow to have more patience with yourself and this allows you to develop patience for others. Because, what we see in others that we don’t approve of or that upsets us the most is what we see in ourselves that we don’t approve of. It’s what we dislike the most about ourselves.

Many people have a hard time seeing this, and honestly, we all want to ignore that what is most upsetting about someone else is something that they we really dislike in ourselves. This denial, while keeping us protected from things we don’t like about ourselves on a conscious level, also keeps us ignorant of the steps we need to make in order to truly accept ourselves.

That’s the key. It’s something we don’t accept about ourselves, and yet we’re not even at a point of admitting that, which keeps us from accepting ourselves as we are.

Once you learn to accept yourself and have patience with yourself, accepting others, having patience with others and accepting life and world as they are, becomes easier.

Not that the work is done. The job just becomes easier.

Bringing mindfulness and self-awareness to your life can be life altering.

A number of my follow-up messages discuss how helpful meditation can be in developing mindfulness and self-awareness, and thus eventually being of some help to people who struggle with depression.

Promise me you'll work on this: developing your awareness of your inner strengths and accepting yourself more truly as you are.


    Beth Myers has an MA in cognitive psychology and a Master's of Library and Information Science. After years of working in my community, I am excited to be widening my reach to a larger community through the Internet.


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